Pick & Mix Packages

Create your own relaxation for this month’s package. Melt into your self-care time and let us take care of the rest.

This month’s Pick & Mix beauty package allows you to tailor your pampering experience by selecting the treatments that resonate with you. 
Below are your options, have fun creating the most relaxing treatment picked by you!

Package 1 ~ pick one treatment
Petit Facial
Back Massage
Lash Lift


Package 2 ~ pick one to two treatments

Anti-ageing eye treatment
AHA facial peel
LED facial light therapy
Eyelash tint + brow dye
Eyebrow wax + dye
Foot scrub and massage

2 x treatments $89
3x treatments $119

We can’t wait for you to enjoy your personalised beauty journey with us.

Once you have decided on your treatments, head to our website to book.  Pick your 2 or 3 package and let us know in the notes what treatments you would love to have!

We have 15 packages available over March & April months

Packages can be booked online through our website

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